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An Editorial from Daily Bugle publisher J. Jonah Jameson

Before Spider-Man appeared, had a Lizard creature run amok on our city streets?

Before Spider-Man appeared, did our city know the presence of a gangster wearing a mask and calling himself “The Big Man”?

Before Spider-Man appeared, was there Herman Schultz, a bank robber using homemade weapons to create vibrational waves that could shatter three-foot thick steel bank vault doors?

Before Spider-Man appeared, criminals didn’t feel the need to keep pace by joining forces and growing mobs at a record pace, like Aleksei Sytsevich’s gang.

Before Spider-Man appeared, did we hear all of the rumors of Oscorp developing terrifying creations fit to stop creatures the likes of the wallcrawler?

The mystery and mystique that Spider-Man cultivates has led the criminal element to respond in kind, indulging in secret identities, colorful costumes and worst of all: catch phrases.

Where does this end? It is my prediction that in the coming weeks we will face an onslaught of villainous activity. Residents should remain calm and be prepared for the worst — power outages, mass destruction, possible chemical warfare…

Is Spider-Man responsible for the very creation of the enhanced criminals that have emerged across the city or is his existence the only hope to stop their increasingly destructive spree? Which came first, the chicken or the egg? The answer is: the Spider.

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